Case Study: Navigating the Complexities of SIJS Filings Under Pressure

AG Law Firm Feb. 6, 2024

Client Challenge:

At AG Law, we pride ourselves on navigating the complexities of the legal system to secure the
best outcomes for our clients. A standout instance of our commitment unfolded when we took on
the case of a 20-year-old client seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS). This case was
fraught with challenges, primarily due to the slow court scheduling process and the critical
timing associated with the client's age. The situation reached a critical point when the family
court initially scheduled the custody hearing for the day after the client's 21st birthday, which
could have rendered him ineligible for SIJS.

Our Approach:

Understanding the stakes, we took immediate action. Channeling the determination and tenacity
in our approach to overcoming obstacles, we successfully petitioned the court to reschedule the
hearing to a date before the client's 21st birthday. This was just the beginning. Anticipating the
tight timeline, we prepared the i-360 petition in advance, ensuring we were ready to act the
moment we received the custody order.

However, the path to filing was anything but straightforward. Upon arriving at the USCIS field
office to personally submit the documents—a strategy devised to meet the critical deadline—we
were met with an unexpected closure due to staff training, unannounced on the official channels.
A similar setback occurred at a second field office, further away, which had closed early for the
holiday. With the client's eligibility hanging in the balance, conventional paths to filing were
blocked, and hope seemed to fade.

Innovative Solution:

Refusing to accept defeat, we embodied AG Law's ethos of perseverance and innovation. I
reached out to my network of colleagues across the country, searching for anyone who could
assist in filing the petition before the impending deadline. Our efforts paid off when, in the
eleventh hour, we found a colleague on the west coast who managed to file the documents just in
time. This not only ensured our client remained eligible for SIJS but also highlighted our firm's
commitment to going the extra mile.


The successful filing of the SIJS petition under such pressing circumstances underscored AG
Law's dedication to our clients. Our ability to adapt quickly, leverage our network, and persist
against the odds resulted in a significant victory for our client, who was immensely relieved to
have the stamped-filed copy in hand. This case exemplifies our belief that it's not over until it's
over and reinforces our reputation as a law firm that delivers results, even when faced with
seemingly insurmountable challenges.


At AG Law, we are more than just legal advisors; we are relentless advocates for our clients.
This case study not only showcases our strategic problem-solving skills and unwavering
commitment but also highlights the importance of agility, network, and determination in
achieving success. Our approach ensures that we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice and favorable outcomes for our clients.