VENEZUELAN ASYLUM SUCCESSFamily of 4 watching a sunset

Not too long ago, a family of four from Venezuela, eager to start a new life in the US and leave their terrifying past behind them approached me for help with their asylum matter. You could tell right off the bat they were a caring and close-knit family who were really on edge and traumatized about what they have lived through and what their children’s prospects were if they were forced to return to a place where their political views were not accepted and they feared every single day that they would meet their imminent demise. They had already been passed through the asylum office and now were in proceedings before an Immigration Judge who would ultimately decide their fate. Through hard work, detail, and cooperation with the family, our firm’s team was able to get them a grant of asylum and they will now be spending their holidays here in the U.S. with a little less worry. While we can’t take away all of their past trauma, we are ecstatic to have them finally be able to begin building a new life full of freedom to exercise their beliefs without fear.


A father separated from his family for nearly six years had come to the firm by way of referral from another client. His wife, and three children, had been residing in Georgia while he had been residing in the U.S. Following several issues at the consulate, he was left frustrated with the processing and more anxious than ever to be reunited with his family as he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Of course, understanding the situation, we got to work right away. Our team knew how vital getting his family to him was due to both the extremely long wait he had already experienced as well as his very critical medical condition. Not only were we able to complete the filings as was necessary, but we were also able to get the matter expedited so the processing was much quicker. Dealing with government agencies is never easy, but our goal is always to be able to absorb that burden so our clients aren’t stuck dealing with that sort of frustration and make the process as smooth and easy as possible.


An environmental scientist who had previously arrived to the U.S. on a grant to do research with a prestigious university and now was on an O-1 visa was seeking a path to be able to stay in the United States permanently and help contribute to this country’s development. He had been to several attorneys prior to finding us and each one of them told him how impossible it would be to get his 2-year home residency requirement waived prior to being able to adjust his status. Luckily, he found hope and optimism and creativity at AG Law Firm. We didn’t stop at impossible and worked with the client to develop creative strategies to be able to seek a waiver. Through some critical thinking, we were able to get the client’s waiver granted and which allowed the client to obtain residency through an EB-1 extraordinary ability visa.

DWI CHARGES DISMISSEDCar accident with police lights

A young gentleman lost came to the firm after having been charged with driving while under the influence under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 and a number of other traffic offenses. The man was clearly going through a very difficult time in his life and, now, was facing jail time, suspension, and numerous hefty fines. He wanted to turn his life around and came to our firm to help him resolve the matter with the best possible outcome. Through a closer look at the State’s record, and using our knowledge to go through everything at our disposal with a fine tooth comb, our firm was able to get the DWI charges dismissed as well as a number of the other traffic tickets the client was facing. The client was now able to turn a new leaf and start anew to get his life on a better path.